Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hello Spring!

We can't speak for everyone but here at EC & Co we're super excited to see (at long last!) some signs of Spring; sunshine and cherry blossom, two of our most favourite things. We don't want to complain too much but it's about time you showed up!!

So send Winter packing for another year and kick start your Springtime home interior ideas. Here's a few for starters:

1) Fill your home with fresh flowers - a great way to add some additional accent colour

2) Introduce seasonal colours in simple ways e.g. refresh sofa cushions or bedlinen with fresh green or yellow tones...

3) Let the declutter begin (and make a few bob at your local car boot sale at the same time!)

4) Maximise light coming into your room by investing in some stylish curtain tiebacks

5) Replace curtains with roman blinds for a simplier, more contemporary look

Happy planning and doing!

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